Testimonials from Dressing Turkeys’ Fans

True Story from Suzy: 
On vacation with my family in 2008, I fell and messed up my shoulder and my knee… It was terrible timing, since upon arriving home, I was to prepare several large pans of cornbread dressing that would be taken to shows in Birmingham and Atlanta! So, my husband, (whose only gifts in the kitchen are boiling eggs and opening cans of soup, bless his heart), volunteered to make the dressing for me! Intrigued, I sat at the kitchen table and gave him directions. He cut the vegetables, boiled the chicken, and made many pans of cornbread. When he pulled the finished pans of fragrant, perfectly golden dressing out of the oven, I was thrilled to discover that it truly WAS possible for anyone to succeed in the kitchen with this product and this recipe!

The kind comments and positive responses that I regularly receive via email, letters and phone calls are such great blessings to me.

Please continue to share yours with me!

Love, Suzy

I am 82 years old and have never made what I considered “good” Southern Style Cornbread Dressing until a friend gave me a pack of yours that she purchased in Birmingham, Al. and told me to try it for Thanksgiving. It reminded me of my grandmother’s. My family said it was the best dressing I had ever made and wanted to know what I had done different. I didn’t tell them. Please let me know what 11 packs will cost and I will send you a check.  I want to put it in their Christmas stockings. 
Ellen M.
Starkville, MS

​​My family proclaimed the dressing “the best they’d ever tasted”. My dressing has always been “okay”, sometimes, a little too bland- sometimes too spicy. You have hit on the perfect spice blend and taken the guesswork out of making cornbread dressing for me. You have a great product and I intend to purchase it for years to come. 
Judy B. 
Birmingham, AL

​Thank you, thank you
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I was to find this spice. I am newly married and 18 years old. My husband invited his folks to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I was terrified as I had never even cooked a turkey, much less made any cornbread dressing to go with it. My mom always did that stuff.. I tasted a sample of yours at a craft show and decided that it seemed easy enough that I could do that. Imagine how good I felt when my new mother in law said it was the best dressing she had ever eaten. (PS…my husband even chopped the onion and celery for me.)
Nancy M.
Cullman, AL

If I can get the word out for you please give me some information. I know people who will spread it like crazy. Great products speak for themselves! 
Emily W.
Gadsden, AL

Your Cornbread Dressing Seasoning is the BEST! I’ve used it for 17 years now because I enjoy being told what good dressing I have and how they look forward to coming to my house to eat it. This year I will share my secret.

Ruby M. 
Vestavia Hills, AL

​Please send 3 packs of your wonderful Cornbread Dressing Seasoning. I also use it in chicken and turkey soups, gravies, dumplings and stews.
Susan B.
Cropwell, AL

​Please send me 2 more packs of your Southern Style Cornbread Dressing Seasoning. I used it at Thanksgiving and loved it. 
Birmingham, AL

​Our daughter prepared the turkey and dressing for our Thanksgiving Day dinner and it was totally delicious. She told me about tasting your recipe a few weeks ago and was very impressed. Enclosed is my check for 2 packs. I look forward to sharing this recipe with my family members and friends. Look for more business because this is an absolutely successful product.
Joan S. 
Tuscaloosa, AL

​Suzy, thank you so much for the spice mix. As I said before, it’s “as close to Gramma’s as I can make”. Thank you again and good luck in the future.
Debbie F.
Birmingham, AL

I received a package of your dressing seasoning from a neighbor. I must say it was wonderful. I am a 51 year old lady, married and have NEVER cooked. I don’t know how or should I say I DIDN’T know how. I’m from the North and moved to Birmingham 4 years ago. Since my move I’ve been trying my hand at opening cans and cooking that way. When I received your dressing, something got into me and said “give it a try” I did…My homemade cornbread was a joke but the dressing turned out great anyway. Please post a good cornbread recipe.
Gladys W.
Center Point, AL

​It’s the best seasoning ever made on the face of the earth. I also put it on everything, chicken, eggs, vegetable etc. It gives food a very good taste. Thanks for making my life simple in the kitchen. 
Julia B.
Riviera Beach, FL

I am so glad to have re-found you and this wonderful product. I bought it many years ago for several years and then it seemed you just disappeared from Christmas Village. I have been lost since then until the newspaper article found you again for me. Thank you JoEllen O’Hara. This is a good thing. I hope you will post progress reports about it as I expect it could get very interesting.
Carolyn R.
Hueytown, AL

First of all I have to say “Thank You” so much for sending the spices express mail. I got them Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And then I have to tell you..everything I read about the spices were true. My entire family just raved about how good the dressing was this year. I’ve never been able to make good dressing but thanks to your spices and recipe this year it was delicious! All the kids had to take some home with them for leftovers. Years before I would have to throw the leftover dressing out. But not this year… my husband raved about it also and told me “don’t let the kids have all of it to take home…save some for me.” It truly was the best dressing I have ever made in my life and I’ve been making dressing for 33 years. I have been telling everyone at my work about it and some have said they want the website which I’m happy to share with them. I will be making this same dressing for Christmas dinner this year…if I can wait that long to taste it again. I may have to make a batch this weekend. Thanks again for the spices and the recipe and thanks so much for taking the time to express mail it to me so we could enjoy it for Thanksgiving dinner. You can use my name anytime as testimony to the delicious dressing the spices make. 
Rachel T. 
Midwest City, OK