The Story

Mixing Memories for Over 60 Years! 

A Personal Message from Suzy…

This award winning cornbread dressing seasoning blend was developed over 60 years ago by my late father-in-law, Charles Purvis. As a young man, he started working for A.C. Legg, a spice company in Birmingham, Alabama. He had access to the best and freshest spices in the world to fuel his love of cooking. 

Using these ingredients, and no specific recipe, he created an original sage-based seasoning that enhanced the flavor of chicken, turkey, sausage, and other meats. In order to make it blendable for cornbread dressing, he had to make a huge batch each year and he shared the excess with his employees as gifts.

When I started dating my husband Jim, in 1966, he gave my mother a package of this seasoning blend with no instructions except to use a little at a time, to taste. She created her own cornbread dressing recipe with it, and my whole family agreed that it was the BEST dressing we had ever eaten! She began taking the dish to church dinners, social functions, and her club meetings… receiving rave reviews!

When Jim and I married in 1970, I was appointed as the “dressing-maker” for my side of the family. Every year, I measured out some of the blend into small ziplock bags, along with my dressing recipe, to give to my friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

Each year, not only would my friends and co-workers eagerly anticipate their annual “Season-ings Greetings” gift, but they would also ask for additional packets for their friends who had sampled the yummy cornbread dressing the previous year and had fallen in love with it, as well!

“Hmmm… I bet I could sell this!”

So, after I got all three of my wonderful little boys started in school, I began participating in craft shows with friends, making cornbread dressing samples to share, and selling the ziplock packets of  the special seasoning put together at my kitchen table, with our family’s dressing recipe attached. When I began to consistently sell out at these shows, I decided to set up a website just to see what might happen, and I started a new adventure in the world of internet-sales.

When my good friend Raven (www.RavensOriginal.comentered a pan of my cornbread dressing into the 2007 America’s Market Gourmet Food Show in Atlanta, it won a 1st place trophy for Best New Product – Spices Category!  This national public exposure was wonderful, as people began to connect, shop and order from my website.

The Spice Connection’s Award Winning Cornbread Dressing & Stuffing “Southern Style” Seasoning Blend is now fully produced in the A.C. Legg seasonings plant and is professionally packaged in a foil packet that provides a very long shelf life. But when you, like so many others, taste it, you’ll want to make it again & again!

Thank you for being a part of these, and the next, chapters of our story! I am grateful to those who have been purchasing this product for over 20 years. I have dearly loved the opportunity to meet my new customers and to connect with my “regulars” by attending local tradeshows and community events. I have become “phone friends” with many of you, and look forward to receiving news each year around the holidays to learn what’s going on in your lives.

From My Family to Yours —

Every Season-ings Greetings,
Suzy Purvis