Meet Suzy

Are you the designated cook for the favorite food of the holiday season? I’m talking about the turkey and dressing/stuffing that everyone always used to comment on after they couldn’t put another bite in their mouth. Now it seems that many people just turn to the pre-packaged stuffing mixes or buy it already made at the delicatessen. Suppose I promise you that you can totally impress everyone with something you made from scratch that is easy and virtually “goof proof.” It can even be made ahead, frozen and eaten on all year with chicken or pork if your guests don’t take home all the leftovers.

Being part of a family that owns a food processing business gives me access to the finest quality ingredients to blend this formula created by my late father in law. ( Check out “The Story” on this site). I offer it at a lower cost than you can purchase good sage or poultry seasoning at the store. It’s a great edible gift so think about several packs to share as gifts.

“This tastes like the dressing my Grandmother used to make” is the phrase I have heard for years. Maybe we need to close that generation gap that quit making it from scratch. We Southerners grew up with huge pans of “Cornbread Dressing” at those big family dinners and church socials. Northern “White Bread Stuffing” people use virtually the same seasonings. I encourage you to put a little “taste of the South in your mouth” and try some cornbread dressing. I’ve had a lot of converts. There are several gravy recipes on my website along with things I just want to share with you.

Much of my profits are donated to organizations or projects I have chosen to support. With each purchase you become a part of this too so if you enjoyed my product, please pass my website to friends on your mailing list for me. Your kind words and encouragement will be the fuel for my success. WHEN YOU SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW WE WILL ALL WIN. I look forward to serving you